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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ex-Leader West Exposes Open Border

"It's all so tiresome."

In his latest endeavor, former Texas GOP leader LTC Allen West gave footage and testimony from Kinney County, which as we’ve reported previously, is overrun. In the videos provided, as well as his Substack site, West showed an unguarded border, and an abandoned county withstanding a siege. He was also kind enough to let us interview him.

West was recently welcomed by the Kinney County Sheriff’s Department, allowing him a firsthand view at the state of our border. He even gives his eyewitness account of military-aged men in camouflage (some possibly involved in cartels or jihad) crossing into the United States. With “rules of engagement” that obstruct “engagement,” matters are truly worse than imagined.

The situation has deteriorated so horribly, ranchers erected ladders onto their fence lines touching the border, so invaders won’t cut through them. Kinney County’s denizens are empirically forgotten by much of Austin, not even getting Abbott’s shipping container “wall.”

Without a ladder.

At the end of his border inspection, LTC West concludes with his analysis of the border situation, and what local authorities need to fix it; one of West’s suggestions involves military aircraft hand-me-downs useful for increased surveillance.

Y’alls truly at the Center-Right Texas Newspaper of Record took great interest in LTC West’s border visit (he’s already done more than most), and managed to interview him afterward.

LTC West, what brought you to Kinney County in particular?

I have the utmost respect for my friend Sheriff Brad Coe and have visited Kinney County on several occasions. The Army taught me that Warriors move to the sound of the guns and true Leaders lead by example, and from the front. Kinney County is a beautiful South Texas town, but it is at the tip of the spear, ground zero, in the fight for the sovereignty of our Republic...and Texas.

What border happening from your time down there stands out to you the most?

The fact that on Saturday 29 April I personnaly witnessed and could not prevent three illegal immigrants from fleeing into the brush after spotting them come out of the brush and cross a highway. There was no air support that we could have vectored in. The Kinney County Sheriff's office gave me the responsibility of conducting an inventory of their vehicle impound lot. I was utterly appalled to release on of those vehicles, a black BMW 535i, to the person who was caught smuggling illegals here in Kinney County. Human smuggling is a felony offense, and those guilty should forfeit their vehicles.

When dealing with border invaders, what are "rules of engagement" that facilitate invasion? Could these rules be considered "treasonous?"

The ROE that facilitates this clear and present invasion of millions of illegal immigrants is because no elected officials are repatriating them back across our sovereign border. Anyone entering the United States without approval and adhering to our rule of law is here illegally. Anyone that facilitates this and does not uphold our Constitution is indeed committing an act of treason against the United States.

Are there any Texas officials you blame for our destroyed border?

Yes, Governor Greg Abbott is directed by the Texas State Constitution, as Commander in Chief of the Texas Military Department, to repel invasions. Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 of the US Constitution empowers States to take action against invasion when there is imminent danger, and without purpose of delay. Cute gimmicks like busing illegal immigrants into the United States is nothing more than aiding and abetting human and sex trafficking, a criminal offense. And for this action to be funded by Texas taxpayers is reprehensible. Politicians do photo ops and create distractions in order to mask their failures. Yes, we can certainly blame the Biden administration, but Governor Greg Abbott is just as culpable, and complicit.

What policies must be enacted to secure our southern border? Any way emergency powers could be immediately invoked?

We do not need any emergency powers declaration, we are still unconstitutionally under Covid declaration. First a State declaration of an invasion along our 1250 mile border must be declared. Next, declare the Mexican cartels as transnational narco-criminal terrorist organizations and go after their funding, any banks with cartels funds will have those accounts frozen. We should seize cartel assets and use to fund our border security operations. We must restore operational control of our border by creating a border control zone. There will not be any illegals that get north of US Hwy 90 in Texas, and they are expeditiously returned back across the border. These NGOs who are receiving federal funding to act os travel agencies for illegals should have their 501c(3) status revoked in Texas. There must be no Texas taxpayer funded benefits to illegals, and that means no in-State tuition for illegal immigrants. And we must repurpose the Texas State Guard to be an effective border security unit.

Anything you'd like to tell our readers?

Once upon a time there was a saying, "Don't Mess with Texas", Texas is being more than messed with, it is being destabilized. I would admonish your readers to volunteer, come down to Kinney County and lend a hand. It is sad and pathetic that children here in Kinney County don't play outside for fear of high speed chases, and illegal immigrant bailouts. A special hat tip to the men and women of the respective law enforcement agencies here who are displaying abject heroism in the face of the cowardice of elected officials. I will be back down here in Kinney County end of June....y'all come on down! Steadfast and Loyal!

Regardless of your opinion on LTC West, his answers have more substance than present leadership. On border security, Gov. Abbott keeps rolling downhill with Operation Lonestar clearly failing to halt border hordes. After years of soaring crime, and failure to protect our southern reaches, Abbott FINALLY put a bounty on an illegal alien’s head… after said invader shot other invaders.

Any way this won’t take resources from the border; the “operation’s” objective failure set those events in motion to begin with. All in all however, we need a big, beautiful, Israel-style wall on our border, along with the utmost security technology provides; a Rio Grande filled with alligators would also help.

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