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Frisco ISD School Board Trustees Conspire With Leftist Group

Undercover video and audio shows trustees scheming against conservatives.

After Frisco ISD Trustee, Marvin Lowe, was slandered with “sexually harassing” a trans child for simply dissenting, and with no real evidence by the way, we’ve received undercover recordings (real evidence) of three trustees conspiring in a secret meeting: Renee Archambault, Dynette Davis, and Debbie Gillespie.

Meeting at an undisclosed location, said trio met with a seemingly leftist group and discussed ensuring their leftist agenda has an eternal hold on Frisco ISD’s children. We’ve provided the video above if you’d like to save yourself from listening to the entire 50 minute recording.

If you’d prefer to listen to the entire audio yourself, you can click below.

Full, uncut, recording:

We’ve also provided some interesting timestamps worth mentioning:

15:02 - Someone talks about conspiring with the media and controlling messaging. Also saying they need local journalists and allies to interview each board member during election season.

17:25 - Someone mentions working with the Democrat party and to “pull a Kansas.”

18:47 - It's mentioned, seemingly with pride, that "FISD has been involved in a lot of lawsuits the past few years." We'd like to know at what cost is this to Frisco Taxpayers?

Comrade Rene Archambault bragged about keeping Marvin Lowe and Stephanie Elad’s initivies in purgatory.

19:37-19:48 - “I have mechanism in place that I can push. I can use our subcommittee structure, and they wanted to vote on this in July; it’s November, that’s how long I’ve been able to push this out.” - Archambault

Archambault went on describing how her procedural insanity is to be used to ensure conservatives don’t have a voice in discussions and votes.

19:54-20:01 - “They want it on regular board meetings because it’s a show. If they ask for anything transgender policy going forward, it’ll be in a special meeting in the middle of the day that nobody goes to.” - Archambault.

Gillespie takes time to attack Rep. Matt Shaheen (R-Plano). Archambault mentions she hates attention from conservative parents or what she calls “the hate crowd.”

31:48-31:51 - “Matt Shaheen, he’s not that smart”

Rene Archambault and Debbie Gillespie yammered on about “confirming” people coming to testify on behalf of children. After learning most deposers were from Frisco (in the district), things got weirder. One of the ladies suggested getting more “personal” with the verification, whatever that means. The drivers license proposal was immediately dismissed.

40:21- 40:27 - “You have to show your driver’s license, and if not it’s like ‘we don’t know who this person is’”

Instantly after, Debbie Gillespie took things to another level, stating her desire to find dissenters on application lists to ax-murder(?) them. (see editor’s note below)

41:46-41:50 - “Because I’m about to chop and butcher this man, and I’ll feel bad hahaha.”

Interesting considering the people in this video lecture Marvin Lowe about “decency.” With these psychopaths tyrannizing our children, it’s no wonder Frisco ISD is a complete clustertruck.

We also wonder if there are potential operating procedure violations here.

Via the Frisco ISD Board of Trustees Operating Procedures:

There’s also the Texas Open Meetings Act:

It’s almost certain this meeting was coordinated over the phone and it may be possible there’s an issue here:

We’re not sure if there are actual violations, but probably a question worth asking. Including just one more board member in some of these discussions, even if the communications were separate, would make a strong case for an Open Meetings Act violation.

Citizens can submit an open records request for phone communications at this link.

Editor’s note: previously we attributed a comment to Archambault where it was actually Gillespie. We’ve corrected this error.
We’ve been informed that Gillespie is disputing that the comments about “butchering” were made by her. We believe it’s tough to say.

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