ANNOUNCEMENT! I’m throwing my name in the ring for SD30.

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Patterson has a conservative voting record EXCEPT voting FOR the Paxton impeachment and supporting Phelan's giving democrats committee chairs and, in some cases, majorities on some committees.

He sounds a lot like Briscoe Cain who is also very conservative EXCEPT for his almost cultish support of Dade Phelan.

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Nov 11·edited Nov 11

We need new blood and Fallon is a snake and needs a RICO investigation from what few honest FBI agents might be left in the corrupt agency. Wonder if Fallon was covering his sorry ass when he voted to fund the FBI's new hdqrtrs? Will it also include a mosque like they have in Quantico? And anyone who votes for the bleached blonde porquette who likes the COVID Plandemic bullshit that destroyed many lives and businesses, is insane. It is also good to note that Angela Paxton is besties with her. Looks like we will have to seriously watch out for Angela and keep a close eye on her as well based on this dubious connection. When will voters wise up?? First get rid of ALL electronic voting to be sure we are actually electing and not allowing someone else to "select" for us. I feel the latest crops of crappy amendments that all but 1 passed needs a vote audit ASAP. Just sayin. Either that or our voters are so damned stupid we may as well just give up. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/70-republicans-vote-to-reward-fbi-with-lavish-new-dollar300m-hq-here-are-their-names/ar-AA1jGcwX

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