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AUDIO: Hagenbuch Calls Property Tax Elimination "Ridiculous"

At odds with the people who endorsed him.

In a recorded candid conversation with citizens, SD30 candidate Brent Hagenbuch calls property tax elimination "ridiculous,” despite receiving endorsements from candidates who support it.

Last week, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick announced his 2024 Interim Charges. The finance committee includes plans to report on the cost of eliminating school property taxes as well as all property taxes. This was highlighted by Don Huffines.

Patrick once criticized Huffines at the idea of property tax elimination.

Many people are noticing that legislation ideas that Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and others are now proposing were originally proposed by Don Huffines long before, as seen above. But that’s a story for another day.

With Hagenbuch calling property tax elimination "ridiculous,” it does seem odd that those who have championed the idea would endorse him.

Additionally, plank 90 of the Republican Party of Texas Platform calls for “axing the property tax.”


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