Sitemap - 2020 - Current Revolt

The Absolute Genius Behind Matt Shaheen’s New Bill

NEW COLDVID-19 STRAIN is more Hoaxery of the Permanent Virus State

Dennis Bonnen Tests Positive — Will He Die?

State Rep. Justin Holland Lectures Republicans on Branding for “My Party”

Rep. Valoree Swanson is Right About Pornography

Patriot Matt Krause files bill to Punish Abbott, Other Virus Tyrants

Traitors Unite Against People’s Hero Shelley Luther

College Students Forced to take COVID Test to Show Allegiance to Hoax

The “S” Word

Texas GOP calls out Satanic Conspiracy to Kill Babies

SHOCKER: House Republicans pick Absolute Scumbag for GOP Caucus Chair

Trust the Leader

House Bill will give Infinity Vaccines to Nursing Home Patients

Austin (anti) American-Statesman Reporter Berates Eternal Chairman West

Confederacy Rebirth Imminent: 17 States Join TX Lawsuit

TX Sunset Review Board Touches the Third Rail

Ken Paxton Throws a Hail Mary for Trump Victory

Republican Traitors in Austin Planning Secretive Screw Job Session

Coronavirus Vaccine uses Novel Technique to Create Immunity

Dallas Mayor asks CDC to Withhold COVID Vaccine from Whites

TX GOP County Chair RESIGNS because Party is Full of SQUARES

Weirdo Republican Trying to Teach Leftist Virtues to Texas Children

Texas Republicans Release the Kraken (of autism)

Tarrant County Orders Holidays Canceled

Dallas Serial Killer Goes for Record

Doing Jobs Americans Won’t Do in TX — Indecent Exposure

Houston Mayor Claims Virus Caused Murders

FALSE FLAG? Anonymous Texts Spam TX Politicos Attacking Traitor Dade Phelan

Peerless Leader Allen West swears in First Class of TX GOP Militia at Rally

Chip Roy tells Viraphobes “Wuh-Eva, I Do What I Want!

Psychopath Clay Jenkins says have Faith in SCIENCE, Shun Friends & Family

Allen West and his Patriot Agenda Declare War on Traitorous Republicans

Fat Slob Judge Whitley— Cancel Kid’s Sports to Keep Them Healthy

What’s Going On With The Trump Vote?

EXPOSED: Massive Voter Suppression in Texas

Brave Patriot Rep. Roger Williams says Election was Stolen

Hoaxer-in-Chief Greg Abbott seen Maskless with Celebrities (Again)

A&M Doesn’t Deserve a Player Like This

Jeff Leach Declares “Real Christians” Obey Democrat Media

Trump Should Never Stop Being Trump

Dribble Ball Coach Gregg Popovich Bravely Comes Out Against Trump

THE LEADER: Allen West Puts Stupid TX Tribune Reporter in her Place

DFW: Democrats of Color tell Cracker-ass White Boy to Leave ‘Hood or Get Raped

Hell-Paso, Texas Now Under Virus Lockdown

FORT WORTH: Christians Fire Warning Shot at BLM

Texas Supreme Court Declares We Are Under Virus Law (Officially)

BREAKING: Greg Abbott Spotted without Mask, Covid Death Imminent

Suppress Democrat Votes with ONE WEIRD TRICK

Texas Republicans Lied About Banning Sanctuary Cities — Houston Officer Now Dead

Special Needs Community Endorses Biden

Poggers! AOC is America’s Newest E-Girl

BOOM: Abbott Grants Social Workers License to Hate

Nothing is Too Black in Blackstone’s Corporate America

Covid-19 Has Evolved, Now Killing Instantly

Very 2020: Texas Freedom Caucus Member Flaunts Endorsements by Random Democrats

DELUSIONAL: Greg Abbott says Texas Still Best State for Business as Unemployment Skyrockets

Third Worldism: Dems Appointing Criminals to Count Ballots

Tarrant County Now Run by Virus Hoaxing Indian Man on Power Trip

COVID Hero Shows Bravery by Quitting on Kids

New Fruits of Diversity in DFW’s Classrooms and on its Streets

Allen West Smacks Down Very Nasty Democrat Woman, Declares Texans Will Never Be Slaves

Denton, TX: Antifa Man Incites Breach of the Peace at Buc-ee’s, Gets Punched

The Curious Case of Steve Kuzmich

Dallas County GOP Uses Facebook to Promote Mask Propaganda

Current Revolt, Black Lives Matter leaders Denounce White Supremacy

Bud Kennedy Mad at Sheriff Waybourn for Endorsing Mommy Beth

DMag Cry Babies Cry That GOP Men and Women Not Scared of Cold Virus

Democrat State House Rep. Jokes About Trump Dying

WTF is Wrong with Democrats?

Transgender Avengers IV

Transgender Avengers III

Transgender Avengers II

Transgender Avengers I

Candace Valenzuela Spills the Beans About Democrat’s Conquer and Colonize Agenda

Texas Republicans File Lawsuit Against Their Previous Lawsuits for Not Working

Heroic Waco Minister Says He Called On the Lord To Smite Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Governor Abbott Creates New Agency to Help the Texans He Bankrupted

Mexican Judge Overturns Texas Law on Straight Ticket Voting

Yuppies Reap What They Sow — BLM Conspiracy Theorists Invade Uptown Dallas

Low Effort Mid-Wits at Waco Paper Attack Leader, Others in Haughty Virus Rant

Suckers and Losers at Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Owned by the Libs

“If a man die, shall he live again?”— a Tribute to Ross Kecseg

Per Abbot’s Direction: Current Revolt Now Providing (Mandatory) Daily Flu Shots For All Staff

Drew Springer Attacks Shelly Luther via Laptop and Hired Henchmen

Allen West Calls for Boots On the Ground to Stop Democrat’s Plan to Steal the Election

Mommy Beth in Attack Mode vs. Candy-V in New Spicy Ad

Person Behind Texas Virus Lockdown REVEALED as Chinese Spy

The Case for a Shelley Luther Dictatorship

Dale Hansen Unhinged — You Don’t Care Enough About the Virus

GO TIME? Dan Patrick says “Arm Bands Needed To Be Safe”

Is Weight Gain the Real Reason Candace Valenzuela Won’t Debate Beth?

King-Doctor Abbott Declares Texas Still Not Safe To Stand While Drinking.

YES!!! Allen West says Corporate Press is Not Free to Tell Lies

Simp Caucus — Republicans Cave Again

Psycho Greg Abbott is Now Giving Medical Advice

Lone Covid Survivor of Texas Town Says He Will Continue to Wear Mask

EPIC: Denton Bible Church Gives the Finger to Feds and Devil Worshipers

Why Does Bud Kennedy Insist Pedophillia Isn’t a Problem?

Exploring Replacements for Greg Abbott

Republicans Sign Pledge Not to Abolish Police

Houston Mayor Announces Door-to-Door Blood Harvesting Program to Track Virus

Dead Inside and Starting to Smell

San Antonio Veterans Realize they Fought for Freedoms That No Longer Exist

Glorious Leader Smacks Down Filthy Communist Scum

BREAKING: Governor Abbott Trapped in Capitol Building

Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley Announces New Virus Restrictions

WHY? Assistant Texas Attorny General FIRED for Having Normal Opinions

Biggest Hate Hoax in World History Rocks Irving

Greg Abbott Hunts Coronavirus to Avenge its Victims

I GOT 5 ON IT: Freedom from Virus is Only $5 Away

Report: Vigil for James Younger

SMU Students Waddle Around Campus for BLM Conspiracy Theory

SCIENCE! Study Predicts the Future, Foresees No Problem with Vote-by-Mail Scheme

Great and Merciful Greg Abbott will let Jerry Jones Run His Business

A New Machine

P.I.M.P: Allen West Flexes on Haters at RNC

The Day of the Nair Jar

Rats at NY Times Attack Dear Leader, Promote Conspiracy Theory about Conspiracy Theory

The Battle for Weatherford

Mask-Induced Dementia: Abbott “Punishes” Leftists by Slashing Their Taxes?

Democrat State Rep Gene 吳元之 Wu Exposed for being Terrible at MATH

Totally Not Into Child Porn: Bud Kennedy says Child Porn is a “Fantasy”

Abbott Hints at Real Solution to Austin Commies

2040 — Texas Young Republicans March to Honor Trans Kid Annie Harbuck

Abbott Officially Creating Permanent Virus Regime just as Texas Fades from Red to Blue

Insightful Philosopher Ross Ramsey Says People Will Vote Along Virus Lines

Stern-Letter-Sending Hero REVEALED to be State Rep Krause

What is the Storm?

BIDEN: White Man with the Brown Plan

Above the Law: Untouchable DACA Baby Flexes on America

DUMB: Republicans File More Paperwork vs. Wheeled Tyrant Abbott

Leader West Holds Rally. Civilian Casualties Minimal.

The Proper Response for Tyranny in Our Day

LOL: Top School Official Rage Quits During an Economic Collapse

Affluent Black Female Liberal Cancels First Amendment at UT

Tony Tinderholt Sacrifices Body to Debunk “Mask Theory”

Boy on Scooter has Hormonal Episode Caught on Video

Texas DSHS Admits Nobody is Actually Counting Virus Deaths, Just Reporting Automated Number

Chinese Communist Infiltrator Gene Wu Seeks to Undermine Tax Revenue with ‘Menstrual Equality’ Campaign

Allen West Has the Correct Instincts

EXPOSED: GOP Plot to Assassinate Allen West

The Virulent White Supremacy of the Bluebonnet

Greg Abbott Reminds Peasants to Remain Anti-Social During Hurricane Clean Up

Chairman Allen West Declares GOP an Ally in LGBT Issues

Hottie for House Candidate Beth Van Duyne Abandons Lifelong Mask Crusade

DUEL: Allen West Invites Demonrat Chair to Debate!

Twitter: BLM Idiot Allegedly Tries to Pull Texan Out Of Car. Texan Responds Appropriately.

Rangers, Astros Begin Season With Idol Worship Ritual

Delusional Greg Abbott Poses for Photo with Billionaire While His Voters Pushed Into Poverty

Van Taylor Votes to Appease Communist Left

Tarrant County Leaders Roll Out Cringe “Mask Shaming” Campaign

Brave Hipster Takes on Abbott’s Brutal Virus Regime

Demoralizer-in-Chief Greg Abbott Makes Mockery of America’s Game

Abbott Promotes Virus Urban Legend on Twitter

Spiteful Mutant Abhi Rahman Certifies RPT Chair Allen West the Future of Racism

BASED: Allen West Says Black Lives Don’t Matter

Covid-19 Virus Surrenders to Greg Abbott

Cracka James Dickey Defeated by Patriot Superman Allen West for RPT Chair

Cringe Mayor Tells Residents to Embrace Virus Regime

After Abolishing First Amendment, Abbott Says Vote GOP Because Dems will Abolish First Amendment

Ladyboy Dennis Bonnon Goes on Estrogen-Laced Rant, Calls on Virus to Smite His Enemies

Possible Illegal Alien Giovanni Capriglione [R] Reveals Plan to Stop BLM Riots

Super Healthy and Well Adjusted Bud Kennedy Says Stay Scared of People & Flu

World in Shock as Morbidly Obese Party Animal Gamer Dead of Virus

EXCLUSIVE: Shocking Pictures of Gov. Abbot Canceling State Convention

Abbott Warns Texans to Wear the Muzzles or Face His Wrath

More Brutal Lockdowns Imminent as Tarrant County Fur Babies Infected with Super Deadly Virus

CUCKED: Dems tell White Devil James Dickey Your First Amendment is Over

Racist KKK Leader Endorses Allen West for RPT Chair

Return of the Jock